Gongbei Customs is a subordinate authority under direct control of the Customs General Administration of People’s Republic of China , and is responsible for supervision and control over all arrivals in and departures from the Customs territory within its jurisdiction in the cities of Zhuhai and Zhongshan. Established in 1887, Gongbei Customs boasts a history of 120 years. To date, there are 3025 Customs officers undertaking enforcement of Customs Law in  2 sub-bureau level, 27 division-level organizations, of which 10 are Customs houses and offices at ports of entry open to foreign trade.

Website: http://gongbei.customs.gov.cn

Telephone exchange: (0756)8161114

Customs Director hotline: (0756)8111411

Anti-smuggling informants hotline: (0756)8885970

Anti-corruption informants hotline: (0756)8883290

24-hours hotline: (0756)8161338

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